The above-mentioned items are just a few of the tech lead’s tasks. They may have fewer or more responsibilities depending on the project. Nonetheless, their main goal is to assist in the successful completion of the software project.
A tech lead vs. a team lead
Defining roles can vary between organizations in the software development industry. A senior developer from company X might be a programmer III for company Y. Similarly, a lead developer for one group can be another’s architect. Also, as we already mentioned, the terms are often used interchangeably. In many organizations, the tech lead and the team lead are, indeed, the same person.

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Every code review and every interaction are chances to provide honest and compassionate feedback and familiarize junior members with agile practices, especially if you’re a senior developer. Anjali Shaikh is a senior manager and the experience director for the CIO Program, part of Deloitte’s Executive Accelerators. In this role, Shaikh shapes customized experiences that enable technology executives to solve complex business challenges, shape the tech agenda, build and lead effective teams, and excel in their careers. Tech Leads are responsible for managing technical aspects of software development flow in a specific context or team. It’s crucial to a good tech lead to ensure the success of delivered solutions. In other words, tech leads are software engineers that enable the team to work with quality.
A tech lead vs. a team lead
Because they are more experienced and technically knowledgeable, they can help project managers set SMART goals. As Tech Lead, expect to dedicate a lot of time to fielding questions about technical aspects and conducting code reviews. It’s an interpersonal role, requiring you to rely on your soft skills, technical skills, and leadership skills in equal parts. In the end, tech leaders will be prepared for the fresh challenges of their role not by being outstanding at the technical demands of their function. Some of the best tech leaders and organizations could create multidisciplinary teams filled with highly competent leaders at multiple levels of seniority, each with their own portfolio. The technology talent may be dispersed within the organization but could be integrated into a single function.

How to Become a Tech Lead

The reason this role might exist is if the person working it is an expert at a piece of technology that does not require a larger team, or if they must remain flexible and change assignments technical lead developer often. In that case, things like too many meetings and/or spending extra time doing PR reviews would bog things down. Code Review is the core practice of modern software development.
A tech lead vs. a team lead
As a recruiter, you’ll need to assess candidates who can balance both. Go beyond the technical interview, and get to know the person’s work ethic and professional values. The candidate must have great technical, diagnostic, and troubleshooting skills.

Tech leads in most organizations are considered a role assigned to a developer, rather than a job title in and of itself. A technical lead (often abbreviated to just tech lead) is a developer who has taken on a set of responsibilities within a team in recognition of their specific skills or talents. On just about every engineering team, there’s someone who has a reputation for specialized skills or specific subject area knowledge that other team members end up turning to for advice. Maybe they will help new joiners improve their workflow or code quality. Sometimes they represent the team in dealings with management, helping to figure out the best path forward on specific projects or feature rollouts.

  • In order to fill the role of tech lead, you must have deep technical skills, but that doesn’t necessarily mean having all the answers.
  • Which means your productivity falls as your number of interruptions increases.
  • So what does the breakdown of engineering management roles really look like on the day-to-day level?
  • It’s also a good way to test the waters on whether you want to follow the management track for career advancement.
  • Being a tech lead is hard and requires lots of skills that intersect with lots of different areas.

Companies with a top-down approach can delegate technical decision-making to developers. Alternatively, companies with a flat structure can forego having team leaders. In short, companies are looking for tech leads that have both technical and soft skills. Although their focus is highly technical, they also need people skills for clients and other project stakeholders.

Others will tell you that tech lead should be a role that focuses primarily on coding. Still, others will say that tech leads shouldn’t code at all. A great leader is a key to transforming a brilliant idea into an excellent output. In software development, a tech lead is especially helpful in overcoming problems in the technical process.

Likewise, security audits also help identify areas to improve on. For starting businesses, however, a team would likely be composed of fewer members with developers and a lead. The business can always hire developers and other roles as the project expands. With that said, behind every successful tech innovation is a hardworking team.

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